Bingo Machine Platinum

Bingo Machine Platinum 1.0

Bingo Machine Platinum is a classic bingo software
1.0 (See all)

It has program number count, game number count, ball count, easy set timer, quick draw for our BCP Dab Ticket play, and it verifies all 27,000 of our M series BCP bingo card faces.
It also has Dab Ticket Printer on board for use with your desk top printer or laser printer. This allows you to print your own Dab Tickets which can be used in place of pull tab style dab tickets, and you can pay out instant winners by using the Quick Draw feature which is also on board.

If that isn't enough, our Event Ticket printer is also on board. You can print your entrance tickets for any event including bingo with your desk top printer or laser printer. It prints and numbers custom tickets which you can personalize with the convenient on-screen blanks.

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